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Senior Leadership Team

Miss Nicola Bissett - Assistant Headteacher CIAG Lead

Mr Richard Bowns - Associate Deputy Headteacher RAP & Curriculum

Mr Grant Bryce-Stephen - Safeguarding Lead

Miss Lucy Wragg - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms Louisa Bullen - Assistant Headteacher SEND & Attendance (MFL)

Mr Tim Gill - Assistant Headteacher Behaviour & Ethos (PE)

Mrs Gemma Hirst - Assistant Headteacher Pastoral Lead (PE)

Mr Andrew Kelly - Principal

Mr Neil Parsons - Assistant Headteacher RAP, Reporting & Assessment (Science)

Mrs Lucie Wainwright - Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning (PE)

Mr Simon Winslow - Director of Academies (Secondary)

Teaching Staff

Ms Cath Adams - English

Mr Bradley Anderson - History

Miss Catherine Best - English / HOY

Mr Antonino Bianco - Science

Miss Joanna Brown - Science

Miss Melissa Bowns - Science

Miss Elizabeth Broxholme - Head of Food Technology / Y11 PP Tutor

Miss Amy Cushing - Subject Lead Geography

Miss Kate Collins-Taylor - Science

Miss Jessica Crane - English

Miss Sarah Croft - Design Technology

Mrs Samantha Delany - Head Of Maths

Mr Martin Dodson - Geography / Student Tracking HOY 8/9

Miss Georgia Dowsett - English – Lead Teacher of English

Miss Lucy Duff - Science / HOY

Mr Alex Finch - Maths

Miss Amandine Fontaine - Spanish

Mr Stephen Foster - English Language Lead

Mr Jason Foulston - Head of PE

Miss Rosie Goulden - Maths

Mr Richard Greasley - ICT/Computing

Mr Ryan Green - ICT and Business

Miss Jody Heathcote - PE

Miss Carolyn Hughes - Subject Lead History

Mrs Hilary Hunt - MFL

Mr David Ingham - Subject Lead Art

Mrs Karen Jones - Outcomes Science

Miss Laura Kirby - Maths second in departmentY11 Outcomes Maths

Mrs Sandra Lau - Cover/Design Technology

Mr Phil Leah - Maths

Mr Adam Mackie - GCSE Stats and KS3 Maths

Mr Antony Miller - Coordinator Extra Curricular PE

Miss Hannah Mitchell - PE

Miss Amy Owen - Subject Lead MFL

Mrs Charlotte Richardson - Subject Lead Drama

Miss Cherry Riley - Design Technology

Miss Deborah Sharpe - English Lit Lead

Miss Daniella Urbano - Subject Lead Design Technology (RM)

Mrs Claire Walker - Head of Science

Mr Nathan Walker - Maths

Mr Curtis Wall - Music

Miss Lauren Webster - History

Mrs Gaynor Wolstenholme - Science / NQT Coordinator