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The aims of the Geography Department at Yewlands are to stimulate a sense of awe and wonder about places, help them make sense of the rapidly changing world and their place in it, as well as inspiring students to become local participators and global citi

The department will support pupils in their ambition to achieve these aims through a broad and exciting Geographical curriculum.

The Department prides itself at being at the forefront of key educational areas such as teaching and learning, use of ICT in the classroom, public examination results, extra-curricular development, fieldtrips and assessment for learning. Students are kept engaged through a varied approach to teaching learning. This may include use of ILTs (Ipads, Surfaces etc.), group work, creative tasks, research assignments, problem solving and work in the ‘field’ (This year students will have the opportunity to visits to Manchester, Edale and the Holderness Coast).

Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Geography at Yewlands covers all aspects of the National Curriculum and explores links between the physical and human world in which we live. The team works hard to ensure lessons are engaging, challenging current and relevant to the students. We aim to promote curious and inspired minds. As part of being an independent learner, the team encourages the students to get involved in project work and use the ICT resources available.

There is a strong focus on fully preparing the students for GCSEs at Key Stage 3, by introducing GCSE topics, GCSE style exam questions and GCSE assessments.

In Year 7

Our topics include:

* An Introduction to Geographical Skills

* Fantastic Places

* A Tour of the UK

* Rainforests

In Year 8

Our topics include:

* Kenya

* River Landscapes

* Tectonic Landscapes

* Globalisation and Fashion

* China

* Weather and Climates

In Year 9

In light of new curriculum changes to GCSE’s, we are now studying the new AQA GCSE specification. Topics include:

* Urban Challenges

* Coastal Landscapes

* Natural Hazards



Why Study Geography GCSE?

Studying Geography GCSE enables a variety of teaching and learning approaches. This exciting and relevant course studies geography in a balanced framework of physical and human themes and investigates the link between them. Students will travel the world from their classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), higher income countries (HICs), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs).

Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shifts in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resource use. Students are also encouraged to understand their role in society, by considering different viewpoints, values and attitudes.

Upon completion of this two year course, students will have the skills and experience to progress onto A-level and beyond.

Year 10 – AQA GCSE Geography:

Paper 1 (35% of GCSE) – Living with the Physical Environment

Section A – The challenge of natural Hazards

* Natural Hazards-Tectonic Hazards, Tropical storms, Extreme weather in the UK, Climate Change

Section B – Physical Landscapes in the UK

* Physical landscapes in the UK – Coastal Landsapes and River landscapes

Section C – The Living World

* Ecosystems – Tropical Rainforests, Hot Deserts

Paper 2 (35% of GCSE) – Challenges In the Human Environment

Section A – Urban Issues and Challenges

* Urbanisation

* Opportunities and challenges of urban growth in MEDCs and LEDCs

* Urban change in UK cities

* Sustainability in cities

Section B – The Changing Economic World

* What are the global inequalities

* How can the development gap be narrowed

Section C – The challenge of resource management

* Resource management

* Water

Paper 3 (30% of GCSE) – Geographical Applications

Section A – Issue evaluation

This will be taught in lessons throughout the other units of work. There is a pre release booklet for this exam 12 weeks before the exam. It will focus on all topics studied

Section B – Fieldwork

This paper assesses on geographical skills and fieldwork. Fieldwork will take place in July 2017 for Current Y10 students.

How do I help my child through KS3 and KS4 Geography?

* Homework will be set once a week. Regularly checking your child’s homework and offering advice on improvements will be of valuable assistance, discussion and extra research of topical geographical issues through watching the news reading newspapers and looking at news websites.

* Holidays taken abroad and in the UK offer ample opportunities for Geography through looking at landscapes and geographical features as well as studying different cultures