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Students work collaboratively to develop Performance, Composing and Listening Skills, with a focus on the elements of music.

Key Stage 3 Music

Throughout Year 7-9 students gain insight into how music is created, performed and understood through a range of activities comprising of practical music making, music technology alongside traditional musical theory practice.

An awareness of music from other cultures enhances students’ understanding of musical techniques and practices and enables the dissection and comprehension of music in preparation for Key Stage 4 study.

Students are given the opportunity to showcase performances within creative media projects throughout the year.

Key Stage 4 Music:

Edexcel GCSE Music

The Edexcel GCSE Music qualification has been designed to give all students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of music whatever their previous experience. The qualification supports and encourages students coming from Key Stage 3 to want to progress to GCSE Music and beyond.

Students will draw on their experience from Key Stage 3 in order to perform, compose and appraise music at a higher level.

Qualification structure

Unit 1: Performance

Students will perform solo and as part of an ensemble on their chosen instrument, the recording of which will take place in their final year of study. Performance techniques will be researched and rehearsed throughout the GCSE.

Unit 2: Composition

Students will complete two compositions. The first composition, completed in Year 10 is a free choice meaning students can relate it to one of the four areas of study or choose to explore different stimuli. The second composition is set to a brief released by Edexcel during the final year of study, students will have the choice of four briefs each relating to a different area of study.

Unit 3: Listening and Appraising

Students will explore four areas of study, each comprising of two set works.

The areas of study are:

· Instrumental Music 1700-1820

· Vocal Music

· Music for Stage and Screen

· Fusions

The set works which were newly selected in 2016 aim to supply a wide knowledge base of music whilst also consisting of songs which students will find enjoyable to study such as the ‘Star Wars Main Title Theme’ and Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’.

Each set work will be studied in depth in preparation for a listening and appraising exam which will take place at the end of the GCSE

BTEC Music (Level 2) Award

Students gain a broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the music industry, following the BTEC Music Level 2 Award from the Edexcel exam board. Students undertake various projects in a practical setting, working collaboratively with each other. Students have to undertake two core units and two additional units. Showcase opportunities include; celebration evenings, assemblies and competitions throughout Year 10 and Year 11.

Qualification structure

Core Units:

Unit 1: The Music Industry Unit 2: Managing a Music Product

Additional Units

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance

Extended learning

Band rehearsals: Open to KS3 and KS4. Students develop technical and rehearsal ensemble skills. Enabling groups of musicians to perform together using practice room and studio facilities. Guitar club: Beginners learn how to play guitar and are introduced to sight reading guitar tab and traditional notation. More advanced players learn how develop and refine their technique. BTEC music workshops: Booster sessions to develop the coursework and record performances or compositions.

Peripatetic instrumental lessons are also available.