Changes to the Inclusion Room   

The inclusion room is a facility where students can work quietly away from other students following a serious breach or continual minor breaches of the Academy's behaviour code. We believe it is the right of every student to be able to learn in a peaceful and safe environment.

Following on from a period of consultation with key staff and members of the Student Council we have decided to alter the way in which we use the inclusion room and have amended the process of how students access this support area.

Students who meet the following criteria will spend a minimum of 1 day in the inclusion room:

  • Students who receive 3 successive withdrawals for poor classroom behaviour

  • Students who return from a fixed term exclusion

  • Students who have been identified as needing time in inclusion as part of a Pastoral Support Plan

  • Or as a follow up sanction to serious misconduct

Any student required to spend a day in the inclusion room will arrive in school at 8.30am, report to the Academy’s main reception and will sign in on arrival. Students in the inclusion room should not arrive earlier than 8.30am and should be in the correct uniform.

They will be met by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and escorted to the inclusion area where they will be based until 3.05pm.

At the start of lesson 3, students will be allowed a supervised 15 minute break.

Lunchtime will be at 1.00pm; this will also be supervised. Students will order their food in the morning and it will be delivered to them at 1.00pm. They will eat together in the inclusion room. A selection of sandwiches, biscuits and juices will be available.

I trust that as an Academy we can depend on your continued support in our attempts to maintain the high behaviour standards that we set for our students. Should you wish to discuss the contents of this letter further, please do not hesitate to contact the Assistant Head Teacher Mr Tim Gill to arrange an appointment.