Key Stage 3 Music

Students work collaboratively to develop Performance, Composing and Listening skills, with a focus on the elements of music. They develop teamwork and leadership skills within a creative environment. Students become proficient using music technology to create, record and edit their own musical compositions and performances. Students are given the opportunity to showcase performances within creative media projects throughout the year.


Year 7

Students in Year 7 undertake a music curriculum in which they study the elements of music and have an introduction to performance. Student will be given the opportunity to showcase compositional and performance work throughout Year 7.


Year 8

Song writing: Students explore chords, melody lyrics and song structures, and are introduced to music production techniques, creating their own CD’s or online resources.
Game design Soundscapes: Creative media project to design and create the sound-scape, sound effects, character, and mood music for a computer game. Collaborating with ICT to compete with each other and showcase completed work.
Musical Cultures: Students explore world musical cultures developing compositions and performances based on- Samba, Indian Raga, Chinese pentatonic scales, Irish jigs, African Djole rhythms and songs.


Year 9

Performing techniques: Students develop a range of rehearsal and performance techniques on chosen instruments. Students explore relevant rehearsal techniques and musical notations for their instrument. Working with each other students fast track their performing ability and review their practice throughout Year 9.


Key Stage 4 Music:

BTEC Music (Level 2) Award

Students gain a broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the music industry, following the BTEC Music Level 2 Award from the Edexcel exam board. Students undertake various projects in a practical setting, working collaboratively with each other. Students have to undertake two core units and two additional units. Showcase opportunities include; celebration evenings, assemblies and competitions throughout Year 10 and Year 11.


Qualification structure

Core Units:

Unit 1: The Music Industry
Unit 2: Managing a Music Product

Additional Units

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition
Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance


Extended learning

Band rehearsals: Open to KS3 and KS4. Students develop technical and rehearsal ensemble skills. Enabling groups of musicians to perform together using practice room and studio facilities.
Guitar club: Beginners learn how to play guitar and are introduced to sight reading guitar tab and traditional notation. More advanced players learn how develop and refine their technique.
BTEC music workshops: Booster sessions to develop the coursework and record performances or compositions.

Plus music instrumental lessons available.


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