Daniel Blythe Author Visit

14th June 2017


Daniel Blythe, acclaimed Dr Who author, visited Yewlands Academy, inspiring our students with a presentation, writing workshop and book signing. 

Daniel is a published author, writing books for children, young people and adults. His titles include Doctor Who novels (BBC Books) and Shadow Runners (Chicken House Books). Daniel has books published worldwide including the USA, Germany and Brazil.

Daniel’s most recent release, Emerald Greene and the Witch Stones (Acorn Books) and New Dawn (Badger Learning) are available now online and in all good book shops.

The day began with a Doctor Who themed presentation to all Year 8 students in the hall. The presentation included images and video from the popular TV show and also talked about his writing career and creative processes. The presentation was followed by a multimedia literary quiz and a book-signing.

In the afternoon, a number of students took part in a one-hour creative writing workshop. Students received guidance on how to construct an opening paragraph for a story and were challenged to write their own. Students were asked to draw the reader into a story using various techniques including use of descriptive language, use of character, location and story line.  



Story Openers

I felt a chilling, cold breeze flow down my spine. Slowly, I put my next paw forward. Bang! A deep crack formed in the moon…” (Phoebe, Y8)

Running, no! Sprinting… Making her way to her once abandoned hideout. (Lucy, Y8)

I know I’m not insane. That’s not what they think, that’s why they brought me here. “It’s all in your head” they say. If only they knew… (Charlotte, Y8)

Under the water, deep down in the magical blue water, there was a mythical land. (Ellie, Y8)

Praise him. Death. Praise him. Camera’s scanned the dark hallways shining the tiniest amount of light on to the once white walls. (Melissa, Y8)

The red light came on. “We’re going down! 500 feet, 400 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet. Hold tight.” Bang! (Blake, Y8)

Dead, they all were. But I could still feel them. But I knew it wouldn’t be long I was one of them. (Alia, Y8)

A decaying scent reached my burning nostrils. I slowly began to tip toe backwards avoiding the rotting branches that appeared under my trembling feet. (Ellie, Y8)

Breaking glass, screaming parents, lack of trust. All the flashbacks plagued my mind as I stared at the flashing sky. (Charlotte, Y8)

Trapped! All his life the boy has run from his fears and mistakes. Beating, his heart is ready to explode. Deep inside him a secret, that no one must know. (Courtney, Y8)


Illustration by Alex, Y8

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