End of Summer Term Letter

21st July 2017


Now that the academic year is drawing to a close, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the parents/carers and staff who have supported the students throughout the year. I would also like to thank the children for their hard work and commitment – they have been a credit to the Academy. 



As you will be aware, I am retiring at the end of this academic year and I want to thank all the staff, parents/carers and students who have made my time at Yewlands so memorable. The school has changed a lot since I joined 13 years ago and I look forward to seeing it grow and develop in the future. 

We also say goodbye to Mrs Ahearn – Deputy Headteacher, Miss Cooper – Head of Music, Miss Elliott – Teacher of Science, Miss Fort – Teacher of ICT / Computing, Miss Niedzielski – Teacher of Science, Mrs Optiz – Teacher of PE, Mr Parker – Teacher of English, Mrs Smith – Teacher of English, Mrs Rawlings – Science Technician, Mrs Tina Bishell - Cleaner and Mr Sowerby – Coordinator of Careers, Enterprise and Work Related Learning. We wish them all well for the future!  


In September we welcome Mr Kelly – Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Brown – Teacher of Science, Miss Dowcett – Teacher of English, Mr Greasley – Teacher of ICT / Computing, Mrs Hunt – Teacher of MFL, Mrs Jones – Second in Science, Mr Rashid – Teacher of Maths, Mr Walker – Teacher of Maths, Mr Wall – Teacher of Music, Mr Armitage and Miss Porteous who are both Teaching Assistants. 



The school start and finish times will remain the same for the next academic year - 8.30 am – 3.05 pm.  



As an Academy we work hard to ensure students get the very most from their time with us.  As part of this, we have high expectations of our students and likewise it is important that all students show dedication in order to reach their potential by working hard, wearing the correct uniform, bringing the right equipment to school and completing homework on time.  

Although mobile phones for students are not allowed to be used whilst in school, it is appreciated that many students need to use one at the end of the day.  Please ensure that if your child brings a mobile phone to school that they place it in their bag, switched off until 3.05 pm.  If home contact is required throughout the school day, a member of staff will telephone. 

Please click here to read the end of term letter from the Principal

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