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Parental Letter 140918

Parental Letter 140918

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome Back

Students have returned after their summer break ready to learn and looking very smart in their uniform. Thank you for your support in keeping to the uniform code. This establishes a sense of belonging and pride in our school.

All students, including Year 7, have settled in well to the new school year and are working hard. As you would expect we are promoting very clear expectations about commitment, hard work and good behaviours for learning to all students every day as part of the 5 Star initiative.

There will be an opportunity for Year 7 parents to attend a ‘settling in evening’ on Thursday 11 October 2018 from 3.15 pm – 6.00 pm to discuss early progress. We also encourage parents/carers from students in other years to contact school if you have any queries.
5 Star Celebrations

Over the previous academic year, the school’s 5 Star average increased every half term as did the number of students who were 5 Star learners. It shows that students were working harder and meeting the school’s expectations. This year the students who achieved the status of being a 5 Star learner across the whole year were presented with an embroidered 5 Star tie to celebrate this achievement. Well done to those students who achieved this. We look forward to celebrating the successes of students again this year through our half termly 5 Star rewards.

Behaviour System

The Academy has a new behaviour system this year that replaces the old levels system and encourages students to make positive choices. If students meet expectations ‘work hard and be nice’ they will be rewarded through praise, postcards, letters, phone calls and, of course, our 5 Star initiative. If they do not meet expectations, then the focus will be on restoring relationships and reflecting on their choices. The system works as follows:

 Wake Up Call – If a student is not meeting expectations and is not responding to the different strategies staff are using, then the member of staff will inform the student “this is your wake up call” and will make it clear what they want to see from the student to improve.

 De-escalation – If a student does not respond to their wake up call then the member of staff will look to de-escalate the situation and ask them to work elsewhere within the department, often with the Head of Department. It is important that students take this opportunity in order to stay in learning within a subject area. If this is required then the student must return to see the member of staff after school and have a restorative conversation which will last no more than 10 minutes, the aim being to rectify the situation before the next lesson.

 Reflection Time – On the rare occasion where a student fails to respond to a wake up call and also the de-escalation or fails to meet expectations multiple times during the day then they must complete a period of reflection time after school. This process will take no more than 30 minutes and will be an opportunity to reflect on the issues, discuss them with staff and receive support from their Head of Year or Learning Mentor in order to remedy the situation.

The intention of this system is to allow opportunities for students to reflect on their choices, repair the situation and restore the relationships and I hope you will support the Academy in ensuring these processes take place. With regards to communicating with home about behaviour issues, we will endeavour to do this via a personal phone call rather than just the current text message system. It is often important to provide detail and context about an issue which is not always possible to achieve in a text message. I hope you appreciate why we have taken this decision and hope you will value this more personal approach.

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As we commence the new academic year, it is my intention to continue to build on the positive relationships we have established with existing families and also those new to Yewlands to ensure that your child gains the most out of their time at the Academy. I look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Kelly
Acting Principal

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Article Published : 14/9/2018