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Sheffield Hallam University Parental Survey

Sheffield Hallam University Parental Survey

Understanding the needs of children and families over the school summer holidays

You are being invited to take part in a study which is being conducted by Sheffield Hallam University to understand the needs of children and families over the school summer holidays.

Why are we doing this study? We know that school holidays can be a stressful time for some families. We are particularly interested in the impact on activities for your children and food experiences as a family; want to know about your priorities and what you think would help.

Why have I been asked to take part? You have been contacted because your child(ren) goes to school in an area of Sheffield where holiday activities are being planned for Summer 2018. All parent views are important whether or not you plan to attend any of the local activities.

What do I have to do? The study involves completing a short online survey before the summer holidays and again in Sept when the children return to school; each survey should take no longer than 5 mins. This survey will ask questions about how you are feeling about the summer holidays and any concerns you may have; the survey in September will ask about your experience of the summer holidays. We will also ask some questions about you and your family such as number of people in household and whether your child has free school meals.

What will happen to the information I provide? All responses provided will be analysed and used to explore the priorities for families PLUS how local services can respond. The results will be used as part of an MSc research dissertation and may inform future research and interventions to support families over the summer holidays. The results may also be presented at a conference or published in academic journals or relevant industry publications.

Data protection and confidentiality - all information collected via this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential unless concerns arise that require information to be disclosed to a third party. Under normal circumstances, any personal information about you will only be seen by the research team; before publication and your responses will be anonymised to remove any information that may allow you to be identified.

Further information about GDPR and contact details should you have any concerns about this research are at the end of this email/letter.
We hope you are willing to share your thoughts with us; if you would like to participate and consent to your responses being used for the purpose of this research please click on the link below.


Thank you for your time,

Kira Sandhu and Rachel Rundle (Research Team, Food & Nutrition Group)

Article Published : 13/7/2018