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Yewlands Academy

Careers - Employers Information

At Yewlands Academy we are busy growing employees of the future. Our students need your help to increase their professional ambitions, improve their employability and learn more about exciting careers.


Ways you can support:

  • Conduct mock interviews and career panels 
  • Support with extra-curricular clubs and activities 
  • Give a motivational speech based on your field 
  • Conduct hands-on workshops with activities related to your area of expertise  
  • Promote certain causes and remove obstacles in the workplace related to disability, gender stereotypes, etc.  
  • Offer a work experience placement 
  • Become an advocate for providing employment opportunities for young people with special needs and disabilities by offering work placement through the school. 


What to expect

By participating, you not only support future workforce development and help broaden the horizons of young people, but also develop new employee skills, build community connections and build a positive profile for your company. 

For any further information about how to get involved, please contact the Careers Leader at the school:


Miss E Halkyard


Tel: 0114 232 9010