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Yewlands Academy

Leadership Opportunities

Our school has had a long tradition of valuing the thoughts and opinions of the entire community and especially the learners who are central to all we do.

Working alongside the Senior Leadership Team, (SLT) we have a Junior Leadership Team, (JLT) which consists of 2 Head Students, 2 Deputy Head Students and a Student Council (10 members). Every form has 2 Class Reps who feed the views of their form into the Student Council.

What does our Student Council do?

  • Organise fundraising events to raise money for charity
  • Organise Make Your Mark elections
  • Helped produce the new behaviour system
  • Helped write the Anti-bullying policy
  • Work on the Zest project to promote students not smoking
  • Meet once a term with the Principal
  • Attend meetings with Taylor Shaw (the Catering company) and members of SLT
  • Support Parents Evenings, Open Evenings and other high-profile events at the Academy.
  • Lead tours of the school for staff interviews and form the student interview panel
  • Speak in Form time
  • Deliver Christmas Hampers to the local community
  • Support local food banks
  • Participate in emergency exercises in the city centre
  • Work with Sheffield City Council at local parks