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Yewlands Academy

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) provides a range of tools and resources designed to support and develop our student's knowledge, skills and learning at Yewlands Academy.



The LRC houses both a fiction and non-fiction library. The library is well stocked with classic and modern novels and the collection is developed with student support. Students are encouraged to read books that challenge and develop their reading ability.

During break time and outside of school hours the LRC is used by students to complete homework, carry out independent study tasks and take part in extracurricular activities.

Throughout the school day, the LRC is used for timetabled lessons, KS3 English reading sessions and targeted interventions such as one to one reading and SEND group work.  

A bank of 22 computers contain all the necessary software to match curriculum needs.


School Library System

Click on the following link to access the Yewlands Academy Library system: 

Once logged in, staff and students can search our library catalogue, view loan history and request books. If you need any help logging on to your account, please speak to Mr Easdown in the LRC.

Students are encouraged to give feedback and recommend book titles by clicking here. 


Student Librarian Team

We are excited to announce the creation of a student Librarian team at Yewlands Academy. Over 25 students applied for this role and the standard of application was extremely high. Student Librarians carry out a Librarian duty once a week during tutor time.


Key duties include:

Re-shelving books and keeping the shelves tidy 

Using the book scanner issuing and returning books 

Helping with library related jobs when asked

Being helpful and ready to answer questions for other library users 



Great for CV / Personal Statement

Librarian Badge

Earn House Points

Develop new skills such as teamwork, ICT and literacy


Mission Bookworm

Mission Bookworm aims to encourage all students at Yewlands Academy to read for pleasure and record their progress in their knowledge organisers. Click here for more information.


Write a book review to win a £10 Meadowhall Voucher!!!

Submit a book review at the Learning Resource Centre to be entered into the £10 Meadowhall Voucher draw!! Speak to Mr Easdown in the LRC for more information and book review writing tips.


Class Sets of Books

Click here to view a catalogue of class sets. These class sets of books are currently stored at Yewlands Academy and can be loaned by schools within the trust to support literacy interventions and group reading activities.     


Student Reading Survey

Click here to access the survey. Please answer accurately and give further details where possible. 


For more information about the Learning Resource Centre, please contact Mr Easdown by emailing