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Yewlands Academy


Mathematics plays a significant role in enabling young people to make a meaningful contribution to the global community. It is used from every day interactions to scientific endeavours.

At Yewlands Academy, we strive to cultivate the enjoyment and numeracy of all our students in Mathematics, leading to success and confidence in this core subject. 

The curriculum is made up of seven key strands:

  • Working Mathematically
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Functional skills, problem-solving and critical thinking strategies are interwoven into the mathematics syllabus, developing the students' ability to think independently and build resilience. 

Maths throughout Years 7 to 11 is grows from the National Curriculum and is delivered accordingly to the needs of our students to allow for the progression of all. Students receive 6 lessons, each of 50 minutes each week. 

We adapt our approach using a wide range of information:

  • Prior attainment at Key Stage 2
  • GL Assessments Progress Tests in Maths
  • CATS tests
  • In class assessments 
  • Day to day assessment for learning

Students are monitored across the year, and we adapt accordingly to ensure that all students can fulfil their potential 

Key Stage 3 

Year 7 and 8 build on the work from KS2 and develop the in depth knowledge of these topics, as well as introducing new learning and developing links across areas of mathematics and increasing fluency.

Year 9 sees the beginning of direct preparation for GCSE, which involves the introduction of more abstract work such as surds and advanced algebra, in addition to a deep understanding of prior learning.

Key Stage 4 

All students study GCSE Mathematics and sit the EDEXCEL GCSE. Students are entered for either the Higher Tier (grades 9 to 4) or Foundation (grades 1 to 5) but we work hard to keep options open for our students to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Core Skills 

The students at the Academy follow a Core Skills program as part of their maths lessons. This helps them to develop confidence, speed and accuracy in answering crucial topics which underpin the fundamentals of good progress in maths: brackets, decimals, percentages, ratio, fractions, solving and negatives. Assessments against these competencies are completed each half term. 


Students compete in the UK Maths Challenge, which stimulates interest in maths and tests reasoning and mental agility. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded to top performers. 

Students at Key Stage 3 use Times Table Rockstars to improve their times table skills, which continue to be a key tool for both GCSE success and for every day situations.


Regular homework gives students the opportunity to practice the skills covered in class and helps them work towards improving important skills. It also helps young people to become confident and independent in their learning, which will support them throughout both their time at school and in adult life. 

Homework is set weekly and will both reinforce the topics taught in class and ensure the retention of prior learning. Homework tasks are set on Hegarty Maths, where there are a range of interactive lessons and quizzes. Children can also work independently on Hegarty, and can search for quizzes and videos to support, consolidate, or extend their progress in class. 


Curriculum Plan