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Remote Learning

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To access Microsoft Teams, please visit There is also a free app available to download. When asked to sign in, students should use their Academy email address which is their Academy username followed by and their Academy password. Once signed in, students need to click Teams.

Students are expected to follow their timetable and join their lessons through their class TEAMS page:

  • Registration at 8.45am
  • P1 at 9.25am
  • P2 at 10.50am
  • P3 at 12.00pm
  • P4 at 1.40pm

P1-P4 maybe be live or pre-recorded. If it is a live lesson, students need to join the lesson in the class TEAM. They will not receive a call for this.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to authorise your internet connection on a school device

2) How to upload photos of handwritten work

3) How to correctly display a PowerPoint presentation on an Apple Device

4) How to access Microsoft Teams on an Xbox or PS4

5) How to install a free copy of Microsoft Office on your PC or Apple Mac computer

6) How to free up memory on your device

7) How to reset your GCSE Pod password

8) How to install the Mobile Wi-Fi dongle and connect your wireless or smart devices to the internet.


Learning Support

If you have any questions or need further support, please email


Additional Learning Resources

In addition to Microsoft Teams, some classwork and homework will be set using:


Hegarty Maths

Times Table Rock Stars