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Yewlands Academy

Trust Governance

Brigantia Learning Trust understands that good governance is the bedrock of our Academy Trust.

The Trust has 3 tiers of governance: Members, Trustees/Directors and four Academy Advisory Councils. Governance at every level is made up entirely of volunteers. These individuals bring their experience and judgement, and accept accountability, not for material benefit, but for the greater public good. In particular to improve the life chances of the pupils/young people in our academies.

Each tier of governance is finely balanced to ensure there is appropriate skill, competency and experience to undertake the necessary duties of that team. Collectively they provide leadership, scrutiny and challenge to the Trust Executive Team and Academy Trust overall.

How the business of governance is organised is shown in our handbook, terms of reference, scheme of delegation and annual meeting schedule.

You can view all the trust governance and financial documents by following the links below.

Trust Governance  

Trust Finances