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Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) provides a range of tools and resources designed to support and develop our student's knowledge, skills and learning at Yewlands Academy.

The LRC houses both a fiction and non-fiction library. The library is well stocked with classic and modern novels and the collection is developed with student support. All students in KS3 are issued with a reading book for tutorial time reading. The fiction library is organised by author and books are labelled with reading levels allowing us to provide tailored reading programmes. Students are encouraged to read books that challenge and develop their reading ability.

During break times and outside of school hours the LRC is used by students to complete homework, carry out research tasks and be creative. A bank of 22 computers are available, these contain all the necessary software to match curriculum needs and allow students to be creative.

In the LRC you can find:

  • Mr Easdown to help you with your study skills and to help you locate resources
  • Drop-in and bookable ICT facilities
  • Internet access and online resources
  • Fiction and graphic novels
  • Non-fiction books
  • Desks for group and individual study
  • Quiet reading area
  • Art materials
  • Resources to book out and borrow

In addition to resources and advice, Mr Easdown supports:

  • Tailored LRC inductions
  • Literacy and reading support
  • Sheffield Progress and personal statement assistance
  • Revision and exam preparation