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Curriculum Overview

KS3 Drama allows students to gain the key skills and confidence to pursue Drama as an option at GCSE level.

Our focus in Drama runs along 3 strands: Firstly, we help students gain confidence, develop their team working skills and refine their creative thinking. Secondly, we will ensure that our curriculum sits alongside and compliments what the students will undertake in KS4 studies in Drama. Thirdly we focus our energy on the skill of performance.

Y7 – The Basic Drama Toolkit. The Year 7 curriculum allows students to gain all of their Drama terminology to allow them to verbalise and respond to their own practice and that of their peers. We love the creativity and fun energy that Year 7 have, so we use this to inspire our schemes of work. All texts and areas of study presented to Year 7 are age appropriate and centre on the notion of creativity through play.

Y8 – The Character Toolkit – Empathy & Imagination. The Year 8 curriculum will reflect the changing maturity levels and interests of students. In Year 8 students will continue to add to their existing Drama terminology and begin exploring the work of Theatre Practitioners. They will also have a greater focus on the work of professional playwrights and practitioners. Students in Year 8 will be encouraged to look at the world around them when creating work.

Y9 – The Mini GCSE Toolkit. The Year 9 curriculum will begin to allow students to work in an increasingly independent way to develop their own work. The primary aim for this year is to get students ready for the expectations of the GCSE in Drama. In year 9 there is a strong focus on the inclusion of literacy and use of play texts to aid in our generation of Drama. Students in Year 9 Drama will be pushed out of their comfort zone and will be encouraged to explore new styles of making and performing theatre.

Students in KS3 are actively encouraged to attend out Drama club. This is a hugely successful club that puts on one published play per year.

Productions include: Midsummer Night’s Dream. Our Day Out. DNA. Teechers.

KS4 Drama

In Year 10 and Year 11 students will follow the Welsh Board (EDUQAS) GCSE Drama Curriculum.

This course follows a 3-component structure and aims to prepare students to continue their studies at college or drama school.

Year 10 will give students a chance to experience the key Drama practitioners, how to devise their own work, and how to review work. Students in Year 10 will complete their component 1 devised piece in this year, leaving the time needed in Year 11 for their scripted studies.

Year 11 focuses on component 2 & 3 – C2 sees the students cast in professional published plays. They study and perform in a live exam in March/April. Alongside this, they study the play DNA, forming part of their practical examination study. Students sit a written exam on their practical studies in the May of their Year 11 year. Students in Year 11 also are taken to the theatre to view a piece of live theatre, they then review this for their written exam.