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New Behaviour System

Expectations of a 5 Star Student

New Behaviour System

During the 2017–18 academic year we introduced the 5 Star programme which encourages and rewards students to ’work hard and be nice’. In order to further support this, we launched a new behaviour system in September this year which is based on positive choices and restorative practice. For the vast majority of students, the system is working very well, however, following a review we will be making some amendments which will apply from Monday 12 November.

Positive Recognition

We will be introducing more initiatives intended to provide opportunities for the recognition of those students who are getting it right. One of these will be that all staff in the Academy will be issued with a small number of positive postcards to be awarded to students going ‘above and beyond’. If your child receives a postcard of this nature, it should be celebrated.

Not Meeting Expectations of a 5 Star Student

For those students not meeting expectations in lessons, they will be challenged. Students will be supported to make the right choices and given the opportunity to improve.
However, if the right choices are not made then the following protocols will be issued:

  • Reminder – Student is not meeting expectations. Clear, short term targets will be set to support improvement.
  • Wake Up Call – Student has not responded to the reminder. This is a final opportunity to improve. Wake up calls will be recorded and monitored.
  • Removal – Student is removed from the lesson. This means that they MUST complete a restorative conversation at the end of the day (maximum of 10 minutes).
  • On Call – Student is placed in the isolation work room. This means that they MUST complete reflection time at the end of the day (30 minutes).

If the restorative conversation or reflection time is not completed successfully, the student will be expected to repeat it again the following day. Students who refuse to repeat an unsuccessful conversation or reflection time will lose social time (break and/or lunch time) and where there are persistent issues, this may lead to a meeting with parents and possible exclusion.


Defiance will not be tolerated. A child who refuses a reasonable request from an adult undermines the member of staff and potentially disrupts the learning of others, therefore we will deal with defiance appropriately.


A text message will be sent to parents/carers for any incident of removal or on call. Year team staff will also contact home with further details as appropriate.

Our priority is to ensure that all our students are able to engage in positive learning experiences. The intention of this system is to allow opportunities for students to reflect on their choices, repair the situation, restore relationships and aim to become a 5 Star

We hope you will support us in ensuring that these processes take place.

Yours faithfully

Tim Gill

Assistant Headteacher - Ethos


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Article Published : 9/11/2018