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Parental Letter 5th January 2021

Parental Letter 5th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

I write to you on the back of my letter yesterday with a very different outlook for this half term. Many of you will have seen the government announcement last night that all schools in England are now closed until February half term with the exception of key worker and vulnerable children. My hope is that this letter is able to give you clarity on what the next 6 weeks of learning will look like for your child.

Vulnerable and key worker children

Children of key workers should only attend the Academy if they meet the eligibility criteria, have pre-booked their place with us through and they are not able to stay at home safely.

I politely ask that key workers do not send their children to Yewlands because they can. Please only send your key worker child to Yewlands if it is absolutely necessary; in these cases we are here to support.

The arrangements for vulnerable and key worker children attending Yewlands from tomorrow are below:

- All vulnerable and key worker children who are attending Yewlands are to arrive at 8.45am through the cinder path school gate entrance

- All normal Covid-19 rules and procedures will apply across the Academy

- All students are expected to meet the Academy’s 5* learner expectations at all times

- All vulnerable and key worker children who are attending Yewlands will depart at 2.50pm through the school gate onto the cinder path

Remote learning

All students are expected to access remote learning on Microsoft Teams; thank you for your support in ensuring they complete this.

Students’ lessons will either be through a live stream or a voiced-over PowerPoint where the teacher will be available to speak to students individually through Microsoft Teams. It is worth noting that in the event of any member of staff being absent, work will still be provided but it is likely that the live interaction will be with a cover teacher. Please note that lessons will only be seen at the start of the lesson timings below (please do not be alarmed if there appears to be no work for your child at the start of the day, it will become live at the start of the period):

- Period 1: 9.05am – 10.45am
- Period 2: 11.00am – 12.40pm
- Period 3: 1.10pm – 2.50pm

Your child’s form tutor will also ring your child every weekday morning at 8.40am on Microsoft Teams for a safe and well tutor period. Please ensure your child is ready to receive this call.

Further guidance regarding accessing remote learning, including a video guide, is available on the Academy website at If you require any further support with your child accessing their Microsoft Teams or your child is unable to access an electronic device at home please contact

Year 11

The current guidance states that exams for Year 11 in January are to go ahead as below (all parents/carers have been contacted):

- Thursday 7th January 2021 - Childcare Unit 1
- Friday 8th January 2021 - Travel and Tourism Unit 1
- Monday 11th January 2021 - Animal Care Unit 1
- Friday 5th February 2021 - Health and Social Care Component 3

At the time of writing it is not clear what exams will look like for Year 11 in the summer. It has been reported that the Department for Education are in talks with the exam regulator Ofqual to find the best and most effective way to assess students. With this in mind there is still much work to do for Year 11 students so I ask that they continue to take their studies seriously and work hard remotely.

Your child’s teachers will be keeping a close eye on the work completed as their efforts over this lockdown period are likely to affect their overall GCSE grades. As with all students within the Academy Year 11 have access to their teachers daily through Microsoft Teams and should contact them via this if they require any additional support.

Mass testing

Myself and the Brigantia Trust leadership team are currently planning how Yewlands will support the lateral flow devices provided to  implement mass testing within the Academy. Yesterday I met with Public Health England who are still seeking clarity from the Department for Education on the logistics of this task. Further information on this will follow and in the first instance will only be relevant for those vulnerable/key worker children in school.

Finally, I must stress that myself and the staff at Yewlands are determined that your child continues to get the very best education.

They deserve this and we will be relentless in our pursuit of this;
regardless of the current situation.

Take care.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Andy Kelly

Please click on the link below to read this letter in full as a PDF

Article Published : 5/1/2021