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Positive Praise and Rewards System

We are delighted to inform you that we are introducing a new and exciting Positive Praise System across the Academy which is linked to the Climate for Learning policy.

The new system will be launched on Monday 23rd November 2020 and will run alongside our 5* system offering students the opportunity to receive instant praise for meeting the Academy’s expectations. The Positive Praise System will be integrated into every aspect of our students’ school life and the points they accumulate will allow them to access a range of different rewards individually and also through their tutor group.

Students are able to gain achievement points throughout the school day for a range of different reasons, both during lesson time as well as their break and lunch times. Staff will endeavour to reward students at every opportunity, creating a positive culture around the Academy.

Points are awarded for:

• Preparation
• Engagement
• Resilience
• Academy Expectations
• Positive Recovery
• Positive Phone Call home
• Attendance
• Postcard
• Year Group Commendation
• House Point

Due to the current pandemic, we are not able to offer the full range of rewards we would like to as we continue to work within the government guidelines. However, as we move forward, we hope to be able to offer more rewards for students and promote the positive climate for learning.

As you are already aware, we have introduced the EduLink One app this year, allowing you to access certain aspects of your child’s schooling instantly, on a compatible mobile device. We will be using this app as the platform for the new reward system allowing us to notify you with a ‘push notification’ and email each time your child receives an achievement point. Please do let us know if you have a new email address!

Alongside this, if students have the EduLink One app on their phone, they will receive the same ‘push notification’ allowing them to have an instant, visual acknowledgment of their positive behaviour and choices. We hope that this will encourage conversations between you and your child and also your child and staff, which will aid positive working relationships at home and here at Yewlands Academy.

If you have not already downloaded the app, it can be found on all smart phones either through the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)

Yours sincerely

Article Published : 23/11/2020