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Y10 Travel & Tourism May 2021

Throughout this very unusual and challenging time our Year 10 students have been offered the opportunity to complete the BTEC Travel & Tourism course.

No matter what college course, apprenticeship, university degree or future career they have in mind, this course is a great way to boost the qualifications students have to list on their applications.

Students have been able to give differing amounts of time to the course so far due to wide ranging circumstances through lockdown and as we have returned to normal. In order to allow everyone to have the opportunity to complete as much of the course as possible we will be offering after school ‘Period 4’ sessions. These will run from until 4pm and each bubble will have a designated night to attend.

We recognise that students have different circumstances so please encourage your child to speak to Mr Wilkinson or myself if they need different arrangements (e.g. it is also possible to complete the work independently). There will also be students who have already completed much of the work and who will have no need to attend in order to gain the qualification and if they are unsure they should talk to Mr Wilkinson or message him on Teams.

The period 4 sessions will run as follows:

Monday 10LWE (bubble 1) and 10NWA (bubble 6)
Tuesday 10LPE (bubble 2) and 10JAM (bubble 5)
Wednesday 10AMA (bubble 3)
Thursday 10JHE (bubble 4)

If you have any questions please email

Click on the link below to read this letter as a PDF.

Article Published : 28/5/2021