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Year 11 Period 5 timetable (Half Term 1)

Period 5 is designed to target the right students in the right areas. Students will be guided towards the most appropriate revision for them on each night to ensure they are making the most progress and getting the best possible support.

Each day we will have refreshments in the canteen from 2.50pm to 3pm and revision from 3.00pm to 4pm. If students do not need to be in one of the directed sessions, we will have a space in the LRC for them to quietly work on their own independent study with the support of our staff.

We are determined that each student has ambition and determination to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their future. We also expect them to take responsibility for their own progress and respect the work our staff are doing to support them and other students. This means they need to be accessing all opportunities we offer, and we will work hard to ensure every student accesses exactly the support they need.


Click on the link below to view the Year 11 Period 5 timetable (Half Term 1)

Article Published : 17/9/2021