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ADHD Introduction

The terms ADD and ADHD are medical diagnoses and describe a syndrome of behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, which may include extreme impulsiveness, inattentiveness and continuous motor activity.

There are two sub-groups of childhood ADD:

ADHD - the impulsive-hyperactive type

ADD - without hyperactivity - the inattentive-impulsive type.

These are complex conditions. Children with ADD or ADHD may sometimes be on medication which the school may be asked to administer during the day. More boys than girls seem to be affected.

DAMP - deficits in attention, motor control and perception is a developmental disorder linked to both ADHD and dyspraxia. It is a descriptive diagnosis introduced in the 1980s by a Swedish professor (C Gillberg). DAMP tends to be a more pervasive and severe disorder than ADHD.