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ADHD - Key Characteristics

A child with ADD, ADHD or DAMP may:

• display impulsivity in all areas of school life

• murmur, talk or call out continuously because he is unable to internalise speech

• frequently stand up and wander around

• lash out physically or verbally with no thought for the consequences

• be easily distracted and therefore find it hard to focus on one activity

• avoid tasks that require sustained attention

• have problems with motor coordination and often appear clumsy when moving around the classroom

• have poor social interactions and difficulty making friends

• find it hard to follow instructions

• often make mistakes because of an inability to attend to detail

• have poor organisational and self-help skills, such as getting dressed or finding tools for a task

• have perceptual-motor problems and find writing difficult

• have limited concentration and poor listening skills

• be unaware of danger when running and climbing

• have constant fidgety movement of hands and feet

• sometimes have difficulty producing certain speech sounds and be unable to communicate ideas easily.