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ADHD - Support Strategies

You may need to:

• be consistent in using an organised set of rules and routines, and make sure that the child is notified of any changes in routine well in advance

• praise small achievements and set up an agreed reward system for good behaviour, rather than using too many sanctions for inappropriate behaviour

• provide opportunities for children to move in the classroom (eg practical activities and responsibilities)

• explain to others that it is the behaviour that is a problem, not the child as a person

• use time out as a benefit rather than a sanction, as a time to calm down and be away from distractions

• help pupils organise their written work by using writing frames and other alternative methods of recording

• give short, simple instructions and encourage the learner to talk through a task before attempting it

• let the pupil work in an individual or paired situation rather than expecting him to work in a group

• teach social skills - don't expect the pupil simply to pick up acceptable social behaviour

• incorporate suggested motor coordination exercises into group PE activities

• be realistic in your expectations - set short, clearly defined targets.