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ASD - Aspergers Key Information

Children with Asperger syndrome may:


•have difficulty understanding jokes, idioms or figures of speech - everything is taken literally, making it difficult for them to make friends, understand some oral instructions and follow parts of literacy lessons

•respond aggressively

•find it hard to interpret body language and facial expressions

•tend to avoid eye contact

•seem to respond inappropriately to other people's feelings, due to a lack of awareness of others' emotions or reactions

•imagine slights or challenges where none are intended

•become obsessively interested in a hobby and/or be especially talented at something like music or art

•tend to talk obsessively about topics of their own interest in an expressionless tone of voice

•need to follow routines exactly, to the point where they become rituals, and be very upset at any changes in normal home or school routines

•follow any instruction or statement literally

•have difficulty thinking in abstract terms

•find it hard to make and keep friends because they have difficulty relating to the needs of others

•feel aggravated and confused by the brightness or buzzing sound of some types of lighting.