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ASD - Autistic Spectrum

Support Agencies and Links

Useful Contact Numbers

Activities for Teens

• Autism Independent UK:

• National Autistic Society:

• Parents for Early Intervention of Autism in Children:

• Scottish Society for Autism:

A Parents' Guide to Autism

After Diagnosis - Information for parents and carers of children with Autism

ASD Autistic Spectrum Condition 2

Autism Briefing Sheet

Autism Classroom Support Sheet

Autism Information Sheet

Autism Toolkit Scotland

Children with Autism - Accessing the Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4

Dos and Don'ts August 2012

Examinations Guidelines for Parents and Teachers of Young People with Autism

Family Support Toolkits

Is Autism Different for Girls?

Ten Tips for Teachers to use in the classroom to help pupils with ASD

ASD - Autistic Spectrum Introduction

This condition affects a child's ability to socialise and to develop speech and language. The main characteristics are now commonly described

ASD - Autistic Spectrum Key Information

Children with autistic spectrum disorder may:

ASD - Autistic Spectrum Support Strategies

You may need to: