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ASD - Autistic Spectrum Introduction

This condition affects a child's ability to socialise and to develop speech and language. The main characteristics are now commonly described as a triad of impairments.

These impairments affect:

• communication - language impairment, which may include speech, intonation, gesture, body language and/or facial expression

• social interaction - difficulties such as lack of empathy and perception, inappropriate eye-contact, poor grasp of timing or rejection of physical contact

• imaginative thought - inflexible or over-literal thought processes, which may include obsessional behaviours or repetitive movements and a resistance to change.

Those with autism will experience many of the same difficulties as children with Asperger syndrome . These difficulties may range from mild to severe.

Like Asperger syndrome, this condition requires a multi-disciplinary diagnosis. Children or young adults with ASD or autism will have a different view of the world and of what is important.