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ASD - Autistic Spectrum Key Information

Children with autistic spectrum disorder may:

• find it hard or even impossible to look others in the eye

• prefer to be solitary and have great difficulty dealing with other children invading their personal space

• flap arms or hands, particularly when frustrated or upset

• have delayed speech - up to fifty per cent of autistic children have difficulty with developing spoken language

• have difficulty understanding jokes, idioms or figures of speech - everything is taken literally, making it difficult for them to make friends, understand some oral instructions and follow parts of literacy lessons

• have difficulties with language, such as parroting what others say, repeating one phrase over and over or speaking in a monotone

• fly into a rage for no apparent reason, although this usually turns out to be because someone has moved something or changed a routine

• display repetitive behaviour, such as turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, or watching the same videos over and over again.