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ASD - Autistic Spectrum Support Strategies

You may need to:

• provide an area in the classroom where the pupil can have his own personal space, with the minimum of distractions

• ensure that the classroom has an element of continuity - not too many changes at one time

• prepare the pupil well in advance for any changes in school routine, if possible, as this can be very distressing for him

• be consistent in the management of behaviour

• use a daily visual timetable for younger children

• use visual task lists for older students

• keep instructions clear and simple, checking that they are understood by repeating the instructions individually, as an autistic or ASD pupil will not understand that general instructions are for him unless his name is used

• use ICT to support learning in a variety of ways

• explain jokes, idioms and figures of speech - what they are, what they mean and how they work, as far as can be understood, and that people often say things that may not seem logical or literal

• teach the pupil how to interpret social signals

• use social stories to support a learner in specific social situations

• teach self-help skills

• use visual and concrete materials to support understanding of conceptual vocabulary

• use games and activities to teach social conventions and interaction, such as turn-taking

• ensure that the pupil understands that school and classroom rules apply to him.