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MLD - Support Strategies

You may need to:


• provide teaching assistant support at the beginning and end of a lesson, but encourage the learner to work independently whenever possible

• ensure that learning activities are broken down into small steps and are clearly focused

• simplify, differentiate or abbreviate class tasks

• provide a multi-sensory approach to learning

• provide activities to develop motor skills

• use visual and concrete materials to aid understanding

• keep language simple and familiar in guided group work

• make use of songs, rhymes and rhythm to aid learning sequences (such as the alphabet, days of the week)

• keep instructions short and concise

• ask children to repeat instructions in order to clarify understanding

• provide alternative methods of recording, such as labelled pictures, diagrams or flow charts

• ensure repetition and reinforcement within a variety of contexts

• allow extra time to complete a task

• monitor and record progress so that each small achievement is recognised

• organise activities to develop listening and attention skills, such as sound tapes

• practise a range of sequencing activities, such as pictorial activity or story sequences, word/sentence sequences, days, months and number sequences

• develop role-play and drama activities including the use of finger and hand puppets to aid the understanding of new concepts

• help the learner organise his written work by using writing frames

• praise every effort and successful achievement of new skills.