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BESD Introduction

This term is used when a pupil's ongoing behavioural difficulties appear to have their root cause in emotional or possibly social problems.

It is important to remember that some children and young people have such deep-rooted emotional difficulties that these may manifest themselves in unusual quietness, rather than disruptive behaviour.

Some emotional and behavioural problems may be temporary and can be dealt with using standard pastoral strategies. But others are so complex that outside professionals need to be involved to help the pupil cope with daily living and learning.

A variety of praise and reward strategies is often useful and it is important to raise self-esteem at every opportunity. It may also be helpful to consider making a home visit or arrange to see the parents/carers in school and involve them in agreeing a home-school programme of action.

It is advisable to consider the wellbeing of all the other pupils in the class, as well as any adults who work with a child with emotional and behavioural difficulties.