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SpLD - Dyslexia Support Strategies

You may need to:

• teach syllable count to help the learner hear how many syllables are in a word

• teach how to blend syllables

• teach onset and rime to help the pupil to discriminate between words aurally

• teach phoneme discrimination to help the pupil identify phonemes in words

• teach phoneme-blending to help with reading and spelling

• use multi-sensory methods to support learning

• ensure repetition of learning, using word and language games for enjoyment

• make use of coloured overlays and line trackers where necessary

• create a positive reading environment, with opportunities to listen to stories

• teach keyboard skills and encourage use of spell-checkers

• encourage alternative methods of recording, such as writing frames, diagrams, labelled drawings, flow charts or comic strip stories

• allow the use of a scribe where appropriate, especially for copying anything important, such as homework instructions

• make use of audio-visual aids

• keep oral instructions brief and clear

• revise and review previously taught skills at frequent intervals

• raise self-esteem and confidence with lots of praise and encouragement.