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Visual Impairment - Key Characteristics

A child with visual impairment may:

 need the support of the advisory teacher for visually impaired children

 need to use a range of senses to become familiar with the school environment

 have a short attention span

 display unusual fatigue after any kind of visual task

 have poor balance.

A child who has problems with distance vision may:

 frown or scowl frequently and have a tendency to blink excessively or rub her eyes

 sit rigidly when reading or viewing a distant object

 turn her head to use one eye only

 lose her place when reading.

A child who has problems with near vision may:

 try to avoid close work

 cover or close one eye and hold his head close to the work

 be inattentive when taking part in guided reading

 have awkward head posture generally

 stumble against classroom furniture

 have poor word spacing and be unable to write on a line.